Saturday, May 16, 2015


The sound of waves hitting the shores, the whistling and humming of winds, the rustling of trees, birds chirping, are soothing to the ears. These sounds can have an explicit impact and can take our minds beyond the realms of our imagination, into an alpha state of consciousness. They can bring about serenity, alter body’s bio-rhythm, and heartbeat. They can also trigger memories of past experiences in life.

We often find that noisy screeching sounds, and continuous pounding noises, can make us irritable. As such, it is no surprise that sounds are often used for interrogation, to break minds to become temporarily, or even permanently disorientated.

Music has always been used as a medium of expression to convey one’s inner feelings and unspoken words.  Every country has its own national anthem, combining music with patriotic messages to inculcate the spirit of solidarity to its people. Via music, negative messages are also used to propagate, and create disharmony. This can often be witnessed during elections, whereby music and slogans are used to mock and discredit the opponents’ reputations.

Music in its true perspective, has immense healing powers.  It is proven to have therapeutic effects in calming nerves, mind, and body.  Irrespective of whether we are music lovers or otherwise, it is widely accepted that soothing musical sounds do create a feeling of serenity, and peace.

Our musical choices often reflect our personality and state of mind.  Subconsciously, we tend to appreciate music that suits our personality, and often associate music with our daily-life situations. In actuality, we are searching for the sounds that our minds and bodies crave for - to pacify, comfort, and heal. This is why, when we are sad, we often find solace in sentimental music. Whereas, in good times, we may prefer to listen to fast-paced, vibrant music. Is it the music that sets our moods or vice versa?  Well, these are my views, based on experiences, observations, and experimentations, which I will elaborate in later postings.

The impossible dream

Here is my all-time favourite by Matt Monro.  To me, the composition, lyrics, the impeccable vocal, and instrumentation, are perfect in every aspect. This song, among others by Matt Monro, truly inspired me in my earlier years, as it still does now.

Creative works
Writing creative works may not be as easy as it seems.  Even the greatest of composers often run out of ideas for days, and even months. It is symbolic to waiting for rain at times of drought, and when it pours, it may never stop for days.

Classical music

We can sense the personalities of the composers by their creative works. The many who suffered hardship, or were dejected by love, have churned out some of the greatest, unchallenged master-pieces of all times, when they were confronted with problems in life. Classical geniuses like Chopin, Mozart, Beethovan, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, and many others, expressed their emotions through their creative works. Those who can interpret the works, can feel their emotions - of love, happiness, anger, frustration, sorrow, etc. These compositions have survived for Centuries, and stood the test of time!

"Till the End of Time" a song recorded by Perry Como in 1945, is based on Frédéric Chopin's Polonaise No. 6 in A flat major, Op. 53, the "Polonaise héroique," is equally appealing to non-classical listeners. The lyrics cleverly transcribed the composer’s emotions, and state of mind.  

Contemporary music
Recent compositions are just as appealing, but I often wonder if these can survive just as well, as the epics by the classical geniuses!

Here is one that has caught on with the present generation. “Sway” was originally recorded by Dean Martin and has recently been given a new life with contemporary instrumentation, topping up with the unique vocal presentation by Michael Bubble.

The song is nostalgic to me, as I once performed this very same song, before a live audience, decades ago.

As a music lover, I admire all creative works irrespective of their origins.  My salutation to the creators of all fine music, whose works continue to serenade and inspire listeners, around the world. These composers left behind their legacies for all generations to enjoy. 



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