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It is good to laugh once in a while. In fact, the more we laugh, the better. You may already know that laughing has therapeutic benefits. 

Actually, when we are alone, or when we have problems, how are we expected to laugh? The answer is quite simple, and if we know what's good for us, why not give it a try!

Pictured with me above, while performing a sketch, before a live audience -  Noor Azizah (guest celebrity), A.K. Ayappan, Yahya Sulong, Hamid Gurkha, Lim Goh Poh (comedians). 

There are ways to induce laughs. Laughing helps clear minds of problems, even though for just awhile. Sitting, and worrying do not at all help to elevate our spirits. At times like this, it is best to surround ourselves with people who are good company, who can cheer us up. Best to stay away from those who are insensitive, who seek places to dump their problems instead.  

Sometimes, playing a few harmless tricks can be quite fun, for me especially. I often wonder if I can be just as sporting when someone plays pranks on me.  So far, I have not had the privilege of finding out, cos no one has outwitted me, at home, I mean! 

I believe a little humor in marriage is also good, it does add some color to life. Jokes also ease tensions, and create a relaxed environment for me, and the people I love. Any unpleasant situation can easily be neutralized, with a light joke. 

Each year without fail, particularly in the month of April, this ‘cheeky’ streak in me emerges, and becomes a little wild. Yes, on every April Fool’s day. It amazed me how I could come up with an original trick each year. I have claimed the crown for 35 years, and my ‘April fool’ has been my dear husband. Surprisingly, this year he outwitted me with the same trick I played on him years ago. I allowed him to win, purely to make him happy!

In my song  ‘Dua kali dua”, I described my ‘cheeky’ nature.

Mula2 aku cuma gurau, bila saja kita bertentangan
Tapi sedikit pun ku tak sangka kau telah percaya
In the beginning, I was only teasing, whenever we meet
But I did not expect, that you would believe

Memang aku suka berjenaka, dengan kawan bila ku berjumpa
Tapi dikau mula jatuh cinta dengan gaya ku
Yes, I do enjoy joking, with friends every time we meet
But you have fallen in love with my silly ways

Watching comedies can be relaxing for the mind. There are some good movies. I like Mr. Bean, because most of his jokes are harmless, and mostly ridiculing himself, seldom others. I believe it is distasteful to make jokes on someone, especially about looks, ethnicity, or color. We cannot choose where we come from. We are fortunate if we are blessed with everything perfect.

Comedy Script
I had the opportunity of exploring my potential in comedy scripting. This, I am grateful to both RTM Producers, I worked with, Helan Abu, and Zainal Abu. They were most spontaneous when I suggested writing my own scripts. The scripts written were purely for laughs, and not directed at anyone. 

Watching the sketches on TV was like watching the trees I planted, bearing fruits. On few occasions, the casts, and crew members were so tickled, rehearsals temporarily discontinued, until everyone settled down.

Several well known celebrities graced the show. The comedians, skillful in delivering comedy scripts, and dramatizing them,  gave life to my scripts. Audience in the studio laughed their heads off, and those at home, were equally entertained.  

Below the sketch audio and the visual. Regretfully, RTM erased all recorded programs, and video recordings were not common then.   

Comedy story line 
A businessman employed a male secretary to prove to his wife that he was a good husband. He was actually a Casanova.  She made a surprise visit, when he was entertaining a girl-friend. His male secretary gave an excuse that he was busy with clients, and tried to alert him. He panicked and forced the girl to hide under his table, just before his wife entered. She smelt her perfume.  He denied, and said it was her perfume or air-freshener. The girl was annoyed.  He told her he was leaving his wife. The girl exposed his lies, and there was a commotion.  He pleaded to both women, that he could not live without them.  He threatened to jump off the building. They both grabbed him.  It was only a ground floor office.  The women then fought. The girl walked out when he chose to stay on with his wife.  

This is the second half of the sketch.

The girl later returned to collect her bag.  His wife caught her in his office. She assumed he was still fooling around,  and had not changed. She left him for good.  Everyone had enough of him, and walked out.  He lost everyone, and was left behind, lonely.

Thank you
I thank everyone for being a part of my life.  

RTM PRODUCERS - who made this possible, with their support, and encouragement.
Zainal Abu (produced the first pilot show)
Helan Abu (produced the weekly show)

MOVIE ICONS - who graced the show with their presence.

Saadiah,  Noor Azizah, Abdullah Chik, Connie Looi.

COMEDIANS who have in their lifetime brought joy, and laughter into the lives of many.

A. R. Badul, Ishak Jonid, Wazata Zain, Jamali Shadat, A.K. Jailani, Ayappan,  Yahya Sulong,  Lim Goh Poh, Hamid Gurkha (My apologies to those whose names I missed out).

Sadly, many have now departed. May their souls rest in  peace.  Al Fatihah. 

Photo - on top of page - courtesy of RTM.  News articles from Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, Utusan Radio & TV).  



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