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BLOG AUTHOR - Recalling song "Bersama"

This blog was originally created in 2009 by sarenafanclub09, mainly to upload songs, and lyrics, from my albums. However,  it was not maintained for a long time.

5 April, 2014 - I am now authoring the blog, and will be sharing from  time to time,  some of my experiences with those who still remember me. I will touch more on topics that relate to music, the arts, and complementary healthcare, which happen to be my forte.

The song "Bersama"
To start off,  the video clip below is a song which I recorded in the early 70s. I wrote the Malay lyrics, and named the song "Bersama".  It is actually an adaptation of a popular Hindi song "Yeh sama". I recorded the song during the time when Hindi music was most popular in our country. Incidentally, it was my late mother's favourite. She chose the song for me, and was sure that it would be a hit. True enough, the album that featured the song, became a hit-seller.

Fond and not so fond memories
I was happy when  RTM Producer, Helan Abu, suggested that I sang this song in my TV show. I was told that it was his favourite. He proved it, by featuring the song-clip, during the end credits of the weekly show - SARENA - In Saturday Night Entertainment (Hiburan Malam Minggu).

"Bersama" brings back both, the fond, and not so fond memories, of my trips to Singapore.

Believe it or not, I had a strange encounter with a ghost at a haunted colonial-style hotel where I stayed in Singapore, during the trip when I recorded this particular song.

Fans of yesteryears, who are in touch with me on Facebook, remember me by this song, which I was told, remains their favourite.  Surprisingly, the song has caught on with music lovers of this generation. It is now the most viewed video on sarenafanclub09 Youtube channel.

Obviously, the ghost in the haunted hotel, must have liked the song! For me, somehow, the song is not really my favourite, but I like the Malay lyrics I wrote. I was inspired, when I wrote the lyrics! Below, my English version of the lyrics, and the Malay lyrics,  just in case you want to sing along with me, heheee !


Bersama ku ingin hidup bersama 
Walau untuk sementara 
Dimana kian dikau berada 
Ku kan bersama 

Bersama menempuh segala dugaan 
Sabar dalam kesusahan 
Jangalah dikau berputus asa 
Bila berpisah 

Masa berulang berganti 
Kasih ku sejati 
Kenangan mesra kau beri 
Masih ku ingati 
Hanya satu harapan 
Yang ku pinta pada mu 
Pulang pada ku 

Bersama walau dalam perpisahan 
Berjumpa dalam impian 
Menunggu bila tiba masanya 
Kita bersama 

(My English interpretation of the lyrics)
Together, is how I long to live with you                                
Even for only a moment                
Wherever you may be
I will always be with you                        

Together, in times of trouble                                             
Peservering in all adversities         
My only hope, you do not lose hope,
Now that we are apart
As time goes by, my love for you grows deeper 
Memories you  left behind,  linger forever                       
(You) are my only desire, and everything I ever wanted
Please come back to me
Together, even when we are apart                                   
We will meet in our dreams                                  
Waiting for the time                                          
When we will be together                                



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