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For Remembrance
Many songs are written in all languages throughout the world expressing love in countless ways. These lyrics touch the very core of love with its many emotional attachments. They tell tales of unspoken love, joy, contentment, heartbreak, sorrow, and pain. They inspire many young lovers, and soothe many broken hearts.

I wrote most of the lyrics for my albums, and many for my TV shows. Each of the songs has  individual history and memory attached. 
Some, featured below were obscured by those that became hits, when the albums were released. 

I'm touched to hear from loyal fans that these songs bring back nostalgic memories of the times when they were once young and in love.

For sentiment,  here's a collection of lyrics written by me, including a few compositions.

Sebagai kenangan
Di sepanjangan zaman beribu-ribu lagu telah dihasilkan dalam berbagai corak dan bahasa yang mengesahkan tentang kasih sayang, pahit manis ketika bercinta, bila berpisah dan sebagainya. Kebanyakannya tidak luput ditelan zaman dan ada juga yang diikuti oleh generasi sekarang. 

Aku terharu bila mendengar cerita iaitu diseketika dulu lagu-lagu aku juga pernah mengisi ruang hidup peminat-peminat setia ku. Ada yang membesar dengan lagu-lagu ku, dan ada pula yang sedang remaja dan dilamun cinta di masa itu. Buat kenang-kenangan disenaraikan berikut beberapa lirik yang telah aku hasilkan untuk album ku, termasuk lagu ciptaan ku. 

The song "Kisah Cinta" by Sugiman Jahuri triggers nostalgic memories of the time when I wrote the Malay lyrics of the song for his album.

The movie
I saw this beautifully written/produced movie "Love Story" acted by Ryan O'Neal and Ali Macgraw. I really liked the song-track sung by Andy Williams. I saw it several times, and each time when the film ended, I walked away with a lump in my throat, when the song was played. 

One day, Daisy Devan (EMI) called me and asked if I could write the Malay lyrics for Sugiman Jahuri to record in his next album. Without any hesitation, I agreed, and was even prepared to waive any fee that EMI allocated for lyric writers. I knew the English version well by heart, and immediately sat down to put Malay lyrics, depicting myself in the role portrayed in the movie. It was an easy write, and I was pleased with the result.

Sugiman Jahuri sang the song beautifully, but when I was given a copy of the EP, my heart jolted. I noticed an important word in the lyrics was substituted with another, and this totally changed the meaning.

"Dari mulanya ku terkenang wajah yang sungguh jelita" should have been sung this way:-
"Dari mulanya ku terpandang wajah yang sungguh jelita". (The word terkenang was not what I wrote).

Grammatically, nothing was really wrong with that word, and no one even noticed it. Being the writer of the lyrics, I was disappointed because the word "terpandang" made more sense since the lyrics that followed "ku terpandang wajah yang sungguh jelita, senyum mesra dan lemah lembut gayanya" (meaning, that he fell in love with her at first sight, and her beauty, smile and grace, captivated him).

I pointed this out to Daisy. She panicked, and instantly checked with the Producer, and later called to say that it was too late to do anything as the EP was just released. It was a tense moment for EMI. Everyone (including me) was told not to mention this to anyone, for fear that it could be wrongly speculated, and affect the sale.

All fears were put to rest, "Kisah Cinta" became a HIT song, and the best selling album of Sugiman. This is the untold story behind "Kisah Cinta".

Today, "Kisah Cinta" is revived by many new generation singers. I like the vocal in this karaoke version (right). It sounds fresh, and different from the original track,

(Below) "Kisah Cinta" is being given a new treatment by Rudy Djoharnaen. His soothing voice and unique style in delivering the song, make me happy to have written the lyrics.




SEMALAM DI KOTA (No matter what)

Some touching messages from the ones who grew up with these songs. Thank you all. 

Zaryyana MT, Mariyam Yam, Zara Sophia, Azizah Ahmad, Gee Azman and 91 others
(Extracted from my Facebook)

Memory lane is wonderful. 
I grown up with your beautiful songs...

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Memang banyak kenangan masa tu bila dengar lagu2
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs bersama ku ingin hidup bersama.....lagu memory.
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Assalamualaikum kak ..apakhabar ..semoga ceria dan sihat2 selalu...
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs

You are a very prolific writer, Kak  just by going on the number of lyrics that you had written. My favourite is still Jangan Menangis - the melody, the lyric and your voice, though I love many others too.

Assalamualaikum kak ..apakhabar ..semoga ceria dan sihat2 selalu...
Suka dgn lagu #kandadandinda ...

Lagu asal Jepun oleh Yukari Ito. Saya minat kedua2 versi.
Thx bro really touched by your words. 😂 tears of joy

Tkasih sis....😍
You're most welcome kak. 1 lagi saya minat Ku Inginmu Jua (I closed my eyes and count to ten).
saya pun minat lagu ku ingin padamu jua tu ... puan sarena hv a great taste in music

Betul tu.....!
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Tksih kak 
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs
Salam syg gk kak . .terima ksh bg lirik lagu2 akk ...mmg best sgt2 . .THANKS KAK SARENA . .LOVE U MORE . .
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Terima kasih kak 
Saya membesar dengan lagu2 kak sarena banyak kenangan mengusik jiwa dengan suara yang kak sarena manja dan lemak merdu.semoga kak sarena sihat selalu dan dilindung Allah bersama keluarga aamiinn
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Terima kasih Kak dan banyak lagu-lagu Kak yang masih segar hingga kini,saya salah seorang peminat Kak Sarena dan membesar pada zaman kegemilangan lagu2 kak Sarena.Dan nak tanya Apa khabar sekaramg? Apa perkembangan terbaru ?
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You evoked nostalgia Sis!
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Aku Datang Lagi...lagu fav...semuga dalam situasi sihat sentiasa......!!!
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Best lagu lagu kak Sarena ....buat smule pun best...
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Waalaikumussallam Akk syg... Qaseh smule lagu Akk ....Best sangat...iiiiii....missss ....Uuuuuu.....Soooo .... Muchhh......Sisssss.....🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
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Saya suka lagu 
Hilang Duka..
Dan lagu Bersama..
Nak dengar akak sarena menyanyi lagu itu boleh..

Alamdulliah...terubat rasa rindu



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