Sunday, August 14, 2016


What is described in this poem is an imaginary conversation with our heart, if only it can speak. We may not realize this, but our heart is telling, and showing signs, that can lead to an ailing heart. When these warning signs occur, we do need to make many adjustments, in our life.

Not being concerned about health issues is very normal, when we were young. However, who we were then, can also determine who we become, in later part of life. Like a seed that is sown in a healthy fertilized ground, this tree grows rigid, healthy, and strong.

This among others, I learnt from a wise old man, at an early age. “Look after your heart, and it will take care of you”, “food for the heart”, “poison to the heart”, etc. Curious and nosy I was, I bombarded him with questions, to understand the meanings. He was proficient in Contemporary and Alternative Medicines, and from him I gathered the seeds. He was my grandfather. I was intrigued, and continued the search and thereon, familiarized myself with many of the ancient teachings, and assisted many persons who came my way.

Today, I’m sharing some.

Why is our heart rebelling?
Why the sudden rebellion, when it never needed attention before? Seriously, our heart is like a child, that continuously needs to be cared for, and nurtured with proper food, good temperaments, exposure to right environment, etc. These, and many other aspects, can influence to a large extent, the status of our heart, and overall health.

It is a common knowledge that heartbeat changes with physical exertions, and outdoor activities. However, as time passes on, and our heart regularly behaves abnormally, it could be sending warning signals that it needed help desperately. Then, we really need to consult a doctor.

Good health as mentioned in all ancient teachings, and cultures, is the attainment of an absolute perfection of the total being - i.e. our mind, body and soul. This knowledge was common, and practiced for Centuries, but was slowly discarded as people changed with time, and progress. Fortunately today, people are reverting, as ancient knowledge begins to resurface.        

The rule of law and aproach then, was that – “prevention is better than cure”. There are ways to attain good health, and to sustain it. This includes:-
  • Spiritual enhancements
  • Eating the right food that suits individual metabolism, 
  • Proper sleep,
  • Be well in control of emotions, 
  • Harness good thoughts, 
  • Living a disciplined lifestyle, etc. 
These have always been the simple formula for health preservation, for slowing down the aging process, controlling premature manifestation of illness, etc.

As the ancients believed - “for every illness, there is a cure, except death”. It is considered a spiritual and moral obligation to preserve health since ‘life’ is the greatest gift bestowed upon all the living, by the Benevolent Creator.

What is poison to the heart?
Today, I’m focusing on man’s biggest enemy i.e. “Anger”.

The mind is believed to be the dwelling place of the good and evil. It is also the breeding ground of negative elements. Anger is looked upon as the uncontrollable manifestation of evil caused by the reaction of the mind. We have the capability, and capacity to control this demon, within us.

We are aware of the physical and mental reactions, arising from anger. There are easy and fast solutions, that can be done via medications, counselling, etc. which are not necessary. Here are simple remedies, and harmless to try, that cost absolutely nothing. By recognizing our shortcomings, along with determination, any possible threat to the heart, may be averted.  

Simple tips that can diffuse anger
  • Recognize anger as an enemy – keep away
  • Count 10 and suppress
  • Don’t allow anyone to aggravate  – avoid and walk away
  • Don’t dwell on problems that cause frustration and anger.
  • Distract the mind by engaging in activities, that can change the mood, and atmosphere 
You may think that these are easier said than done. However, with a little patience, and restraints, we can overpower this enemy.

What is food for the heart?
  • Prayers and other spiritual enhancements
  • Meditate, and harness good, positive thoughts
  • Be grateful, feel good and be content about life
  • Encourage the spirit of giving with charitable deeds
  • Engage in hobbies - to entertain the mind and heart  
  • Relive just happy memories, and experiences
This song by Connie Francis is for all the hearts in the world, that are broken.

Connie has a soothing voice, that's calming to the nerves. This is the kind of song that can drive away anger, and keep it at bay. “So if I broke your heart last night, it’s because I love you most of all”.

Unlike the lyrics of the song, declaration of love alone is insufficient to alter the condition of the heart that is medically traumatized. 

Our heart is the most loyal and trusted companion. So, if we love our heart, treat it well and it will in turn, take care of us.



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